03.06.2008: re Panoramio

OpenPhotoVR is a pseudo-3D photo browser in Flash, a free analog to Microsoft Photosynth. Users create photo albums by uploading pictures and linking them together by hand.

Using the site

Moving around: mousewheel to zoom, click-and-drag to pan, click "hotspots" with hand cursor to navigate between images.

Adding and editing: new albums are built in the editing interface, which is open to everyone, there's no protection or registration at the moment. If you want your album to be featured on the front page of the site, drop me a line at openphotovr@gmail.com - it's done by hand currently.

Embedding: you can embed OpenPhotoVR in your own site, as a flash object like YouTube. Like this:

<object width="400" height="300">  
<param name="movie" value="http://openphotovr.org/main.swf"></param>  
<param name="FlashVars" value="id=a299"></param>  
  width="400" height="300"  

Copyrights: please don't violate anyone's copyright when putting up photos - it's your responsibility. Try to indicate copyright/license info in the descriptions. Creative Commons or similar licenses are preferred. (A lot of the photos currently come from the CC-licensed section of Flickr.)

Openness: the code and data of the site is open. Code is available under GPL. Navigation data is public domain, image data generally has CC licenses. You're welcome to reverse engineer and use the site's data for your needs - an alternative browser, 3D reconstruction, IBMR, whatever. Photos are stored as zoom towers of 256x256px tiles, like in Google Maps:


Navigation data is flat JSON files, one for each photo: http://openphotovr.org/data/a142/nav.js.


It doesn't do automatic matching! Photosynth is way better!

When will it be GPL?
It already is.

Can I use this on my website with your technology?
Yes. Use the embedding method described above, or download the code and run your own copy.

It's too hard to line up photos when creating links!
Yes. I'm working on a point-matching interface, not sure when it'll be done.

It doesn't work in Konqueror!
Not yet. Sorry.

Why so blurry or pixelated?
Maybe the site is slow, wait a bit then refresh and try again. I'll try to get a fast webhost.


Send letters to openphotovr@gmail.com, discuss at the LiveJournal community.

Built by Vladimir Slepnev, Moscow, Russia.

changed August 27, 2009